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Double Coffee, Nizami Street, Baku

Double Coffee outside seating area in Nizami Street, Baku

Double Coffee, Nizami Street, Baku, Azerbaijan

A quiet, cool, wind-free Sunday morning in Baku – finally! We set out early morning and walked through Fountain Square and up the pedestrian area of Nizami Street until our hunger got the better of us and we popped in at Double Coffee, situated just off Nizami Street in Gogol Street, next to Shwarma No 1.

Plush seating inside Double Coffee

Double Coffee only opens at 10am, so we were the first to arrive. The outside area looked very inviting, but Baku was quite cool this morning, and we opted for inside and a cosy window seat to satisfy our habit of “watching passersby”.

The menu is quite large and is glossy with pictures of all sorts of temptations. I was delighted that the photographs match the actual finally presented plate of food.

Their breakfast section consists of:
Zucchini pancakes with sour cream @ AZN4.50
Toast with smoked salmon, olives and lemon @ AZN6.20
Fried eggs with chicken @ AZN4.80
Porridge: Semolina, butter & mint leaves, Rice, candied apples & raisins @ AZN3.50
Curd cakes made with white cheese, eggs and served with sour cream @ AZN4.50
Yeast pancakes served with caramel sauce @ AZN4.50
Poached eggs served with tomato and cucumber @ AZN3.50 Butter glazed toast with cheese and ham
– Omelette with spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms, cucumber and herbs @ AZN4.50
Butter glazed toasts sandwiched around ham, cheese and tomato and served with a lightly spiced tomato sauce @AZN5.90
Tropical omelette served with shrimps, sour cream and avocado @ AZN6.50
– Scrambled eggs with potatoes, toast and sausage @ AZN5
English breakfast with eggs, bacon, sausages, beans and fresh vegetables @ AZN6.80
– And finally, the Mixed Breakfast which consisted of a classic omelette, mixed cheeses, cream and jams, olives, walnuts, tomatoes, cucumber, sausages and toast @ AZN7

Curd Cakes with cream cheese

We indulged in the curd cakes, butter glazed toasts and then tucked into the scrambled eggs served with potatoes, toast and sausage. The curd cakes were lovely and sweet with a savoury edge that just kept my taste buds guessing! The butter glazed toast was delicious, but served cold, which actually was fine as it did not effect the overall taste at all. Not sure if it is supposed to be served hot or cold! The final indulgence was great too and the sausages were tasty. I am always nervous of sausages as they never meet my expectations. These were very tasty.

Scrambled eggs with sausage, toast and potatoes

The coffee was great (although they only seemed to have 1 final helping of decaf for my latte), the service was attentive and overall we had a very pleasant experience and will definitely be going back … I think next time I will try the Mixed Breakfast at Double Coffee. I like the idea of Mediterranean meets English for breakfast. Aside from the great coffee selection, they also offer a variety of cold and hot tea “cocktails”.

Contact details:
Double Coffee
81 Nizami Street
Baku, Azerbaijan
Tel: +994 12 498 75 82
Web: Facebook;

Opening times:

Monday – Sunday 10h00 – 23h00

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